Assessments are generally one and a half hours in length although may be longer depending on the complexity of a client's needs. Treatments are often one hour in length. A wide variety of conditions are treated at Creative Physio including, but not limited to:
Chronic pain
Headaches and Migraines
Chronic Fatigue
TMJ Dysfunction
Recovery from Surgery
Supportive care during Cancer recovery
Trauma (from birth, falls, accidents or injury)
Neurological Problems (Brain Injury, Stroke, etc.)
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Palliative Care

Treatment plans can be as unique and individual as each client. Various treatment techniques may be used depending on the condition(s) being treated and the goals that are established. A wide variety of physical therapy techniques may be used in conjunction with craniosacral therapy to provide a very holistic approach. Education is often a key component to promoting health, wellness, fitness and self management. Benefits of treatment can include:

Achieving Personal Goals
Reduced Pain
Increased Ease of Movement
Improved Postural Control
Greater Mobility and Independence
Increased Energy and Endurance
Improved Ease and Pattern of Breathing
Enhanced Sense of Peace and Well Being
Improved Stress and Pain Management
Greater Body Awareness
Improved Sleep

The number of visits required will depend upon your initial state of Health, the goals of treatment and your system's response to treatment. As a general rule, three to ten sessions will have a significant impact on most people's Health and in some cases only one session can make a dramatic difference. Some clients receive regular sessions for longer periods of time followed by occasional visits to optimize Health.                            Serving Peterborough and the surrounding areas